Catheter and Balloon Fabrication

Medical Balloons

Through the use of Proprietary Processes and equipment, coupled with exacting material specifications and unique process controls, Paradyne Medical can manufacture medical balloons for a wide spectrum of uses.

  • Blow Molded Medical Balloon
  • Non-Compliant / Semi-Compliant / Compliant
  • Various Materials including:
  1. Nylon 12
  2. PEBA (Poly ether block amide)
  3. Polyurethane

Other Materials

  • Single Tailed, Blow Molded Balloon Designs
  • Drug Eluting Balloons
  • Mapping Balloons with Electrodes


Utilizing a complete range of Proprietary Processes for catheter manufacturing, Paradyne Medical, Inc is capable of designing and manufacturing a wide range of catheters. Typical applications are drug delivery, stent deployment, steerable tip, angiography, introducers, electrophysiology, etc.

  • Multi-functional Catheters
  • Multi-lumen Shaft Designs
  • Rapid-Exchange or Over-The-Wire
  • Braided, coil reinforced
  • Multi-durometer Catheter Designs
  • Steerable Articulating Tip & Actuator
  • Stent Delivery – Self Expanding Type
  • Insert Molded Hubs
  • Embedded Marker Bands; Pt/Ir, Ag
  • Soft Tips
  • Custom Materials:
  1. Nylon 12
  2. PEBA (Poly ether block amide)
  3. Polyurethane
  4. Blends
  5. Polyethylene
  6. Polypropylene

Balloon Catheters

Our unique design capabilities combined with our flexible manufacturing processes allow us to configure a balloon catheter to meet your specific needs. Typical applications include fixation, sizing, occlusion, drug delivery and dilatation.

  • Multi-Balloon Catheters
  • Independent Inflation Lumens
  • Inverted Tail Designs
  • Balloon Stent Catheters
  • Stent Delivery – Balloon Expanding Type
  • Custom Proximal Terminations
  • Shaft Designs
  • Rapid-Exchange or Over-The-Wire
  • Insert Molded Hubs
  • Custom Materials
  • Custom Ports & Manifolds