Custom ePTFE Sintering and Processing

Expanded PTFE (ePTFE) is one of the more innovative variations in the processing and application of PTFE in recent times.

Discovered in the 1970s, the ePTFE process is unique in that it does not require the use of soluble fillers, foaming agents or chemical additives. The product itself is chemically identical to PTFE - except that it constitutes billions of small pores within the structure of an article of PTFE. This gives it new mechanical properties and results in significant material savings.

In the medical device industry, the micro-porous membranes are used to fabricate medical tubes and implants due to it’s excellent dielectric properties and biocompatibility.

Paradyne Medical has decades of experience with handing and processing of ePTFE offering custom manufacturing of ePTFE tubes and sheets for a various applications in cardiovascular and neurovascular procedures.  Contact us for more information.